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Old Bohemian Honey Cake is handmade from a traditional family recipe, with the ingredients carefully handpicked and used in an exact and precise ratio. At the moment, there are several size and weight variants on offer.

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Old Bohemian Honey Cake

Delicious cake from an Old Bohemian family recipe. Hand made only from natural ingredients. Variants 1750g and 700g.

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Energy:  1794 kJ / 427 kcal ( 100 g )
Proteins:  6,35 g Sugars: 48,92 g Fat: 23,09 g
Ingredients: wheat flour*, sugar, condensed milk*, vegetable fat (butter starter, sunflower lecithin, beta-carotene colouring, salt, acidity regulator, citric acid, flavours, vitamins A & D, mono- & diglyceridic fatty acids), eggs*, cream* (potato starch), honey, walnuts*.
   *i. e. allergen


We accept orders by phone and email – see contact information below. Please feel free to inquire about shipping options, costs and delivery dates in the Czech Republic and other countries of the European Union.

Contact (Medoks s.r.o. head office.):
+420 577 102 999
+420 739 228 431

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  • Quality ingredients
  • Balanced taste
  • Good price
  • Fast delivery


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